Projects and Research

Many of my projects are completed in collaboration with undergraduate students. Below are descriptions of a few of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on in the past year or so.

Project: Usability Testing to Determine the Role of Dutch Auctions in User Motivation
Team: 1 student, 1 faculty member (Psychology), myself
Brief Description: Usability testing with four participants, using a prototypical simulation of basic task completion
My Role: Assist with research plan design, provide some direction on literature review, assist with IRB approval
Results: In process

Project: Fuzzy Search Usability Testing (Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation)
Team: 2 usability analysts, four students, myself
Brief Description: A-B test of fuzzy search compared with standard search to see if search success rates changed
My Role: Refinement of test protocol, IRB approval, assistance with analysis and write-up of findings
Results: Preliminary finding that fuzzy search improved search success rates

Project: Mirametrix Eye-Tracking for Usability Testing
Team: 1 student, myself
Brief Description: Proof-of-concept PHP application to convert XML data created through eye-tracking to visualizations in the form of heat maps and eye pathing.
My Role: Write PHP application so that student could then test.
Results: Working prototype that produced results that were approximately 70% accurate, based on bench-marking from other projects using a talk aloud protocol.

Previous Projects

Greenheck Fan Corporation
Northcentral Technical College


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