Just For Fun (Birding)

One of the things that we really enjoy doing is photography. Our interests vary by season, but birding is always a big part of what we enjoy. The ‘we’ is not a ‘royal we’, but girlfriend Christina and best-dog Mollie.

Here we provide a chronicle of the birds that we’ve captured as well as a gallery that is primarily from birding.

Blackbird, Red-WingedYYYMead Wildlife Area
Bluebird, EasternYYLeola Marsh
Blue JayYYYWisconsin River
BobolinkYYLeola Marsh
Bunting, IndigoYWaushara County
Bunting, SnowYYYAdams County
Chickadee, Black-cappedYYYNecedah (Petenwell)
CormorantYYSandhill Crane Preserve
Crane, SandhillYYYWood County, Wisconsin
Crane, WhoopingYYYLeola Marsh

Necedah Wildlife
Crow, AmericanYYY
Crow, Brewer'sYYYLeola Marsh
Duck, BuffleheadYYYWood County
Duck, CanvasbackYMead Wildlife Refuge
Duck, GadwallYHoricon Marsh
Duck, Golden EyeYYYNecedah Wildlife
Duck, MallardYYYNumerous
Duck, MuscovyY
Duck, Ring-NeckedYYYNecedah Wildlife
Duck, WoodYYYMead Wildlife Area
Eagle, American BaldYYYNecedah (Petenwell Dam)
Eagle, GoldenYTrempeleau County
EgretYYLeola Marsh
Falcon, PeregrineYBuena Vista
Finch, YellowYYBiron
Finch, PurpleYBiron
Flicker, NorthernYYYLeola Marsh
Flycatcher, Great CrestedYBuena Vista
Goose, AfricanYYYWisconsin River, Biron
Goose, CanadianYYYVarious
Goose, Greater White FrontedYBiron, Wisconsin
Grackle, CommonYYYVarious
Grebe, Pied-billedYYYLeola Marsh
Grosbeak, Red-breastedYYBiron
Grouse, RuffedYYYBuena Vista
Hawk, Northern HarrierYYBuena Vista
Mead Wildlife Area
Hawk, Red-TailedYYYBuena Vista
Hawk, Rough-LeggedYYYBuena Vista
Heron, Black Crowned NightYYLeola Marsh
Heron, BlueYYYLeola Marsh
Heron, GreenYYYLeola Marsh
HummingbirdYYYBiron, Wisconsin
Kestrel, AmericanYYYMead Wildlife Area
KilldeerYYYLeola Marsh
Kingbird, EasternYYBuena Vista
KingfisherYYYSandhill Crane Preserve
Lark, HornedY
Loon, CommonYYVarious
Meadowlark, WesternYYYLeola Marsh,
Buena Vista
Merganser, CommonYYYWisconsin River
MerlinYBuena Vista
Merganser, HoodedYYYMead Wildlife Area
Oriole, BaltimoreYYBiron
OspreyYYYLeola Marsh
Owl, BarredYSandhill Crane Preserve
Owl, Northern HawkYEau Claire
Owl, Short-EaredYYBuena Vista
Owl, SnowyYYYNorthern Wisconsin
PeacockYWood County
Pheasant, Ring-neckedYYYVarious
Phoebe, EasternYHoricon Marsh
Prairie ChickenYYLeola Marsh
Redpoll, CommonYBiron
Sapsucker, Yellow-belliedYYYBong Recreational
Sandpiper, LeastYWood County
Sandpiper, SpottedY
Shoveler, NorthernYYHoricon Marsh
ShrikeYYYBuena Vista
Snipe, Wilson'sYHoricon Marsh
Sparrow, American TreeYYYVarious
Sparrow, ChippingY
Sparrow, FieldYYYVarious
Sparrow, SavannahYY
Swallow, TreeYYBong Recreational
Swan, MuteYYYWisconsin River
Swan, TrumpeterYYYMead Wildlife Area
Tanager, ScarletYYSandhill Crane Preserve
Teal, BlueYY
Teal, GreenYYYLeola Marsh
Tern, BlackYYMead Wildlife
TernYNecedah Wildlife
Thrush, HermitYWood County Forest
Titmouse, TuftedYYY
Towhee, EasternYYSandhill Crane Preserve
Vulture, TurkeyYYYVarious
Warbler, Yellow RumpedYSandhill Crane Preserve
Waxwing, CedarYYYGeorge Mead Wildlife Area
WigeonYLeola Marsh
Woodcock, AmericanYYLeola Marsh
Woodpecker, DownyYBiron
Woodpecker, PileatedYYYLeola Marsh
Woodpecker, Red-headedYYBiron


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